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Cool Browser

Cool Browser

17 Tháng 11 Năm 2015 | 17/11/2015

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Cool Browser makes browsing and surfing much easier and faster which ensures an excellent and secure searching, downloading, shopping, social networking and gaming experience over all users. Meanwhile, with easier access to abundant videos, and entertainment website, Cool Browser offers you a great and flexible way of exploring, sharing and relaxing

Multi-functional, Video cache, Efficient, Intuitive UI, Lightweight.
● Minimalist & clean - Simple yet intuitive UI, the most easy-to-use and flexible home page.
● Ultra-light weighted - The lightest and smallest browser on any Android store
● Quick Navigation - Speedy dial to popular sites and empowers you with the fastest browse experience.
● 3D Multi-Tabs Browsing - Fast creating new tabs; Easy control of tab-switching; with 3D visual effected windows.
● Semantic Associative Search - Search Results instantly appear as you type.
● high-speed Download - Easy-to-use downloads management, speedy download and multi-task supported.
● Gesture-based Controls - Control brightness, volume with just a multi-touch gesture, flexible and convenient.
● Video cache - Local cache and watch videos offline.
● Image-off Mode - Browse without loading photos, faster and data-saving.
● Private Browsing - Incognito web browser without any history record, providing you with a secure surfing and exploring environment.
● Full Screen – More joy for your visual experience.
● Allow Cookies – No need to put password again and again.
● Search-box –Click and search freely. Stay foolish stay hungry stay curious.
● Website Navigation –Most convenient and comprehensive navigation, including shopping, news, videos and so forth.
● Gorgeous background skins –Large amounts of custom skins made with beautiful photos and images.

★★★★★Cool & excellent web browser for my Android. It offers fast, smooth and safe web browse experience, simply yet includes all the function needed. Watch videos offline? How awesome is that!
★★★★★So cool! Its light size was the first thing that attracts me, never thought it browse this fast and security-guaranteed too. Offline watching videos sounds nice. Highly recommended web browser for all!
★★★★★Better than Chrome and the preset web browser in my Samsung: Convenient navigation, fast download, delete history and bookmarks, terrific Gallery Bar... Amazing one. Cool as its name says.
★★★★★It's really cool. Especially the custom background skins. It's awesome.

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2015coolbrowser
twitter: https://twitter.com/coolbrowser2015
google+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/b/107453770544433747317/107453770544433747317

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